Saturday, May 29, 2010

Princess Cupcakes II

Happy 10th birthday to Farah Sofea from Kerteh!

A set of 16 cupcakes with princess theme just for her, requested by her sweet mother, Kak Yati.

Here are the pictures!

Top view?!

These cupcakes were made from my chocolate butter cake recipe with chocolate & hazelnut Italian buttercream as the icing.

Front view?!

Different angle?!

...a close-up!
 Very simple cute little princesses to complete the theme...maybe you don't notice it but opss... one is bigger that the other! hehehe... so lazy to cut out a template! I simply cut their dresses with a small scissors free-handed.

...cute little castles!
Besides showing off my photography skills I want to show a close-up on the little castle. The roof part is made out of modeling chocolate...nyummie!! I used little mini marshmallows wrapped up with ready-to-rolled fondant to make the castle. My favorite part is the little flag that goes on top of each little castle!

..the crowns...

There are marshmallows inside the little purple pillows as well...hehehe... coz I don't want the toppers to be heavy and squish the cupcakes, do I?!

I hope Farah likes my design that I made just for her and enjoy the cupcakes as well!

Do you like it? Please, feel free to give your comment(s)! 
Thank you!


  1. Love the design and overall concept...very pretty!

  2. naim, cantek sangatla.. tak mampu aku mengejarnya.. well done!! exellent job!! expand business ni naim, tak ramai org kita buat ni lagik..


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