Tuesday, November 3, 2009

After a long absence...

Hello all! Fewh! Raya is long over by now and at last I took out my Raya banner. Hehehe! I know... I know... I didn't post for over a month. October past by just a blink of an eye. I almost can't recall what was happening in October. I definitely travel a lot, almost every weekend to and fro Kerteh. The total time I spent traveling on the road would be the same if not more than the time I spent sleeping every night (yeah... of course I exclude the time I nap in the car while my hubby is driving... hehehe).

Anyway,  first there was the travel visiting families and friends and attending to open houses (but some I couldn't make it to due to the distance and the timing). Then there was a few days of preparation for our own open house... well since I'm the only cook in the house we only invite our neighbours, a few colleagues and a few friends who live nearby. Next my long due Wilton Course 3 which I had postponed since August. I'll share the picture of my graduation cake and post about it later.

Last but not least, late last October, my mum, my big sis, kak long, and her daugthter, Aini, went for Haji. My aunt, Ucu, her husband, Pakcik Zamri, and their daughter (my cousin), Nadzirah, also went together. This year, Raya Haji will fall on Friday and hence this year it'll be Haji Akhbar, insyaAllah! I pray for them all a good health and for their safety and hope they will be rewarded with Haji Mabrur, insyaAllah!

Thank you for dropping by here and for your time shared reading my post.

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