Sunday, April 11, 2010

Disney Princesses

Hmm... nyummy cupcakes! Ordered by Kak Na, who also ordered the Castle Cake, for her daughter, to be given to each of Sarah's friend at her school.


Hi all! 

I'm very excited to share more with you about baking and cake decorating. I'm not the master of any kind but I'll share anyway the little things I know and learned myself  through my little experience and through the courses I've been to. 

I hope I may help and inspire others to start baking and cake decorating. 
Interested? Owh... please just say yes and be a good sport and kind to me, will ya! So, you all better stay tune and thanks a trillion for your precious time! 

Castle Cake

...before touching-up!

A castle cake ordered by Kak Na from Kerteh, Terengganu for Sarah, her little daughter's 5th year birthday party.

The castle main entrance.

Made out of vanilla and strawberry moist sponge cake, filled with strawberry jam and strawberry mousse then iced with vanilla butter cream. damsel in distress??!
Just before the birthday party started, which by that time I was already in KL, Kak Na called and told me that the two big towers had fallen down. I thought,  the hot weather that day was not kind to my butter cream plus the towers was filled with strawberry mousse filling and the mousse must have gotten softer than what I had expected.  

I'm really sorry Kak Na for what had happened. I was really upset about it and I could not do anything since I was in KL but, Kak Na was very kind to me. Next time I make a cake like this I'll make sure I ask my customer and remind them to keep the cake in the refrigerator. So Kak Na... Sarah's next birthday cake would be on me, okay!

Ben 10 - Aidid's birthday

Ordered by Kak Ya, from Dungun, Terengganu, for his son's birthday party.
Thank you Kak Ya!

It was a moist chocolate sponge cake with chocolate mousse filling and iced with vanilla butter cream. The decorations I used cut-out fondant and painted them with food-colouring.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Green Gerbera Daisies gerbera daisies!

Selamat bertunang Shahrin dan Manjalina!
Ordered by Shahrin for his engagement reception in Johor Bahru with white and green as the theme.

Mini Cakes

The mini cakes were made of vanilla butter cake with raspberry filling and vanilla butter cream icing. Then decorated with the green gerbera daisies made out of gum paste and dusted with edible green colour dust.

Romantic Purple

Ordered by Kak TeeJay from Kemaman, Terengganu for her niece's engagement reception. Thank you Kak TeeJay!

Vanilla butter cupcakes brushed with vanilla sugar syrup and iced with royal icing. Decorated with piped royal icing flowers. On top off each cupcake I put a victorian rose, two small wilton roses, and a lily.

Two purple royal icing butterflies sitting on top off the mini two tier cake, made from rich chocolate butter cake recipe.

Zeihan's Wedding Cake

Congratulations to Zeihan and Akbar on your marriage. May both of you live a happy and fulfilling marriage till ever after.
... a close up!
The first and the third tier cakes were made of rich chocolate moist cake recipe and the middle cake is a classic white butter cake. All cakes were iced with vanilla butter cream. I piped the detailing on the cake with royal icing and the flowers were ready made gum paste flower bouquet.

..the beautiful couple!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Twilight Book Cake

A cake I made for Iman, my dearest little sister-in-law, a big fan of Twilight the movie and a bigger fan of Robert Pattinson, for her 17th birthday. I wish I had the time to make her a cake of Robert Pattinson's face. It would have been a bigger surprise for her! Hahaha!

It was a chocolate fudge cake iced with vanilla butter cream. I could have use chocolate ganache but I  ran out of cream.

Pink & Sweet

Ordered by Zeihan, an old friend of mine whom I have known since KMYS 1999, for her wedding hantaran.

Made from my rich chocolate moist cake recipe and iced with vanilla butter cream.

Thank you Zeihan.

Green with envy!

Ordered by Kak Ya from Dungun, Terengganu for her little sister's wedding hantaran.

 A total of six, three inches square mini cakes made from vanilla butter cake and iced with vanilla butter cream.

Decorated with small gum paste flower bouquet; a rose, rose leaves, a lily, an orchid and some yellow pulled blossom.

Akim's Cake 19.03.2010

First of all I would like to wish congratulations to Akim and Zaim (betul ker nama husband Akim nih?) May both of you live a happy marriage till ever after.

Ten inches, heart shaped, rich chocolate moist cake with vanilla butter cream. On-top, decorated with gum paste flowers bouquet, mainly roses. Thank you Akim!

Red Roses Cupcakes

Rich chocolate moist cupcakes brushed with vanilla sugar syrup and iced with vanilla butter cream. Then I covered the cupcakes with ready-to-roll white vanilla fondant and decorated with gum paste red roses, rose leaves and white pulled blossoms. 

Arsenal Cupcakes

Are you an Arsenal Fan? Hehehe... if yes than this cupcakes is for you! The Arsenal logo is made meticulously by my hand.

This set of cupcakes was ordered by Zairinda from Kerteh. It was for her husband's birthday.
Made from my rich chocolate cake recipe and iced with butter cream.

Pink & Lavender Cupcakes

Vanilla butter cupcakes brushed with vanilla sugar syrup and iced with vanilla butter cream, all that underneath the fondant.

The cupcakes are decorated with lavender coloured sugar paste roses and with white, pink and lavender sugar paste pulled blossom with pink and white stamens.

White & Green Gift Box

A cake ordered by Nora from Dungun for her sister's wedding.

Gift Boxes Cakes

This cake was ordered by HR of PPTSB in Kerteh. It was for an event to celebrate fourteen of the HR staffs' birthdays from July 2009 to January 2010.

The three tier square topsy turvy cake was something extra that I made for them. I made all the cakes from vanilla butter cake recipe and filled with blueberry filling and iced with vanilla butter cream. All the gift boxes are made from vanilla butter cake as well, some filled with blueberry filling, some are not. In total there were 14 mini gift boxes cakes, each for the fourteen people whom were celebrated that day.

Barney Birthday Cake

 It's Batrisyia's birthday! And she requested for a Barney themed chocolate cake. Yeay!

Actually it's for Batrisyia's 4th birthday. But, Kak Su, Batrisyia's mother made a mistake... I guess it had slipped her mind that her daughter is actually turning four not three this year... hehehe!

Baba's belated birthday cake

This year my husband and I decided to celebrate our birthdays by the Hijri calendar or the Islamic calendar. Actually, my husband birthday is in February but by the Hijri calendar his birthday is in March. Hence, the belated birthday cake!

It is a cheese butter cake filled with blueberry jam and iced with butter cream and covered with ready-to-roll fondant.

He always wanted a high-powered motorcycle ever since we got married. But I  always ask him not to and so, we stick to our two old red cars. I always believe that we should spend within our needs and try as hard as we can to resist temptations. Huhuhu! Well... I'm not rich am I?! Sadly, nope we are not!
I wanted to make a special cake for my husband but I don't have any idea! A basketball cake is predictable in my case. In my petty attempts..the only thing keep coming out from my mind was the motorcycle! Cut the story short, since I don't have the money to buy him the real one, plus my busy schedule and full cake orders coming up... so I went to find and bought him the model that he likes the most...and so I made the cake like in the pictures above.

Thank God, Alhamdulillah! He likes it. Now the little motorcycle is like a trophy to him... hahaha! Maybe one day he'll buy the real one.

A turqoise wedding cake... or not so turqoise?!

 The two tier wedding cake I made for Zulfakri's brother's wedding early last month in Kuala Terengganu.

Look at the stunning pelamin! Owh.. and my cake is next to it. The only missing is the bride and the groom... where were they? It was my husband who took this picture. I was busy outside with my two daughters.

Fives big white roses made out of sugarpaste mix with CMC. I was out of gumpaste at that time so sugarpaste mix with CMC was good enough for me.

I dusted the roses with edible pearl dust to make it more attractive, shimmering looking or else it would be just plain white.

Rich chocolate butter cake, five inches height for the top tier and classic white butter cake, three inches height for the bottom tier. Iced with vanilla butter cream underneath the fondant.

A close up look!
Oh, how I wish I could do a wedding cake every week.
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