Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Timmy Time Cupcakes

Happy 6th birthday to Faris!
I hope Faris had a great time celebrating his birthday with teachers and friends at school.

These cupcakes ordered by Kak Noraniah from Kerteh for her son's birthday. Since her son, Faris, love the cartoon character, Little Timmy she requested for Timmy Time theme cupcakes. So I made for her these simple designs.

My daughters  and I love the new series, Timmy Time too; showing at the Playhouse Disney Channel. The characters are all cute & adorable. You just got to love them!

So here are pictures of my Timmy Time theme cupcakes. Enjoy!

Timmy Time theme cupcakes!

Happy 6th B'day Faris!

Little Timmy. 

Orange tree.

Purple tree.





  1. salam kak,sy nak tanya nie...timmy time nie akak buat guna acuan ker?kalau guna acuan kat maner nak blh beli?

  2. Hi Pinky Gurl! hehehe...

    Nope... no cutters la dear. I used my free hand, round cutters and piping tips to make the designs.

    Kalau ada cutters I would like to know too, maybe I'll consider buying it.


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