Saturday, June 6, 2009

Course 2 Graduation Cake

Hooray!!! I have completed Course 2 of Wilton Method of Cake Decorating last month.

Here, I just want to share with you my graduation cake picture! I'm just proud of myself. I so love the piped flowers and the basketweaves. Thanks a lot to my instructor, Renuga, and to all my course-mates.

Zoomed in for closer look at the flowers and the bird.

Aini's 3rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday Aini!

I made this cake for my 'little' niece, Aini, who turned three years old, last 21st of May. Since she loves her little soft toy, Bug, so much that she could not go to sleep without it, I have made a little fondant version of it.

Dear Aini, may you have happy years ahead and be successful in life!

Amileen's 1st Birthday

Happy belated birthday Mileen!

My youngest daughter celebrated her first birthday almost three weeks ago. It was a hectic week as I had to finish many orders that week. Amazingly, I manage to make her a birthday cake, a simple one though.

Emuah!!!... Mama loves you Mileen!

Sweet Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes

Another set of cupcakes for my aunt, Mak Uda.

These are my Double Chocolate Cupcakes with floral and red theme going on.
With just a ribbon on top, the looks is complete, I think!

Oh... apple blossoms are so sweet!

Sweet Vanilla Vanilla Cupcakes

These are my Double Vanilla Cupcakes that I made especially for my aunt, Mak Uda. Thank you so much for your support Mak Uda, and not to forget Pak Uda as well.

I never get bored with cupcakes. With so many design that I can think of sometimes I'm just undecided. Hence, the many designs.

I got my inspiration to make these designs mainly from the Peggy Porschen's book Pretty Party Cakes.
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