Thursday, September 15, 2011

Amir's Birthday Cake

It's Amir's birthday cake.
Thanks to Nik Norezreen, the proud mother of the celebrated boy, for inviting us to the party. 
Thanks too to the Totshop for making the whole dessert table looks great, especially for the toppers for our cupcakes. 

The birthday cake comes with a figure of Ben from the cartoon Ben10, made from sugar paste, help from my dearest husband! Now he is very good at handling sugar paste, I would say. Thanks dear for your generous help! You have done a good job!

  Great party... the food very delicious! So sad that we (my husband, our kids and I) had to leave early or else we would really enjoy a third round...hehehe.
Ops... love to jot some more but got to go for now!


Princess Maisarah

It's Princess Maisarah's birthday cake!
Thanks to her generous auntie Elly & uncle Zali!

Happy birthday Maisarah!
Semoga menjadi anak yang solehah insyaAllah!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Love Knots

I just love the setting of the wedding hall where this wedding reception was held. It was so beautiful, owh stunning and creatively done! Sigh... unfortunately I could not share it here or else I would.

Love love loveee... this picture! 
Could have been one out from a fancy magazine! Hehehe...

A little close-up... :)

Hmmm... if I'm not wrong, all three tiers are my moist vanilla buttercake with vanilla buttercream.
This design is really simple to make. Plus baking and cooling time I took less than a day to finish it.

Okay now zoomed out!

Keep it simple

    Weddings every weekend it seems since June, except during Ramadhan. As usual four days notice for this wedding cake... not that I'm not busy enough that I accepted the order. I just want to keep a good relationship with a good client/friend... win-win situation right?! I hope so... good friends and a good client are hard to find. I always try my best to please everyone... ooh well, only those who knows me knows that! :p

This cake is the usual moist vanilla buttercake with vanilla buttercream. Yup! All my wedding cakes are all real cakes by default... nooo dummies.

So keeping it simple as requested with little here and there of fabric effects. Oh yes, I used faux flowers here. Love to make my own flowers but I don't have a choice here with little time to prepare. At the end of the day I have to make the look work and try my best to satisfy my customers. What did you say? Customers is always right?! OK

The set wasn't ready when my dear husband took this picture. Yeah we kind of early that day... can't remember now why. Anyway, I hope the newly-wed couple love this cake and live happily together and have a great future together.

Okay bye for now.. tata...

Off-White Pearls

Oh well... roses again! 
Is it trending? In season? I don't know... but I keep getting the same request from my customers.

I have improvised my roses a little bit by using different vieners... hehe..
You can't see from the pictures... oh well!

Love the colours myself, simple but sweet me thinks.
Oh the cakes are my usual ones... moist vanilla buttercake with vanilla buttercream.

Hope the newly-wed couple lives happily ever after! :)


Thomas the Train

This cake I made for Darwish & Qayyum combined birthday parties. Thank you Kak Rohayu, ingat lagi kat saya yer... hehehe!

Happy birthday to Darwish & Qayyum!
Semoga menjadi anak yang soleh, selamat dunia akhirat! InsyaAllah!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sweet Aster

Can't remember when I did this cake... probably in July.

I used Aster Wilton's edible gel colouring for the centre petals of the roses and the normal baby pink for the outer petals. Another thing I could remember about this cake was it was a last minute order... hence I did not have proper drying time for the flowers I made :(


Oh yes another thing about this cake is all three tiers are different kind/flavour of cakes; the bottom layer is my usual vanilla buttercake, middle tier is orange buttercake and the top most cake is moist steamed fruitcake.

Oh yeah... I know I shouldn't... it was very risky putting the heaviest cake of the three at the top but I have no choice because my customer was adamant about it.
Oh well...
and so I did it... but it wasn't an easy ride delivering it!
(yes.. apparently my memory of this cake came back afterall... heh :p)

Opss something came up got to go now, okay will be back to post some more.

Salam and hi everyone!

OMG... Sorry for keeping silence over a month!
To all muslims, Eid mubarak... selamat Hari Raya and maaf zahir batin! Is it too late to wish every muslim out there Eid Mubarak?!
Oh well...

Lately I have been using 'oh well' maybe too often, but quoting from a friend's FB status...   
"I'd rather have a life of 'oh wells' than a life of 'what ifs".

Oh and happy belated Merdeka day to all malaysians... 
This year special, Hari Raya Aidilfitri & our nation's beloved Merdeka Day, which also celebrated its 54th birthday, commensurate together ^ v ^ 


Happy belated celebrating Moon Festival to all chinese friends & customers...
heh Moon Festival was yesterday (12th September 2011)... but I bet there are some Moon cakes left in the fridge to be enjoy for afternoon tea today, right?! 
Oh well... I know I do... :p

Okay so...
What have I been doing?...
hmmm... I was busy with my students in Wilton classes every weekends  
and I have been taking time off... you could say a break from taking lots of cake order during Ramadhan...  and coincendently I was not feeling very well... got really bad flu, cough and sore throat for a month ( 3 weeks during Ramadhan and the first week of Raya)... 

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed my 'short' Raya with all my in-laws (this year it was my husband's turn)...  We even went to Singapore to visit relatives on both sides of my parents-in-law. Then on the third day of Raya, we went back to Muar, visiting relatives from my mom's side. The travelling was tiring but satisfying!

By the fourth Raya, I was back at home baking cakes for weddings and birthdays :( 

Good thing was after the busy weekend of the first week of Raya... we (I mean my family and I, of course) were all off again... this time for a short holiday at Langkawi!


Thanks to Groupon, we got the greatest deal for 3D2N stay at The Danna Hotel in Langkawi... the best ever hotel in the world (oh well... at least to me! :p).. Want to know more about the hotel just click the link and it will direct you to the hotel reviews, ok?!
Anyway, it was the best holiday we had so far and money spent well!


Okay that is all for now... 
I'll be posting some pictures that I haven't post yet in the blog very soon... 
I mean really right after this... :p

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