Thursday, May 28, 2009

Miniature cakes

I went to a Mini Wedding Workshop about three weeks ago at ICCA, Sri Hartamas.
It was really fun playing with the rolled fondant and gumpaste to make the mini cakes, though the workshop started quite late due to unavoided circumstances.
So anyway, in the workshop we successfully did four designs of mini wedding cakes.
Thanks a lot to our instructor Adlina.

I will be making lots more mini cakes for sure. They are not necessarily be a mini wedding cake!

Love cupcakes

Made these for my big brother two weeks ago.

Simply delicious. These are chocolate fudge cupcakes frosted with vanilla, mint and lemon buttercreams and top-off with chocolate cocoa beans.

Just in the mood of polka dots. These are from the same batch of batter I made for the cupcakes above and are frosted with three different flavour of buttercream respectively.

The only different was the decorations. With these cupcakes, first of all I bake them in pastel coloured cupcakes liner and I used ready-made fondant tinted in pastel yellow, green and pink to cover the buttercream and decorated with polka dots , also made from ready-made rolled fondant. I just had to attach the ribbons for more fun!

Jersey Cake

I love to try new project to improve myself in cake decorating. When my cousin emailed me a picture of a jersey cake I just have to try and make the same thing. I never done a fondant cake before so this was a good oportunity for me to make one!

I had a few difficulties while layering the fondant on top and around the cake but it was a lot of fun for me. It wasn't perfect, but hey like I said it was my first try on fondant cake.

Can't wait to do more fondant cakes!

By the way I gave it away to my cousin, who gave me the idea to make this cake.

Manchester United Cuppies

ManU fan anyone?

I made sixteen of them altogether for my cousin's friend birthday. He's definitely one!

They are made from chocolate cupcakes brushed with vanilla sugar syrup. I made the logos with royal icing on top of ready-made rolled fondant after many practises of drawing it free-hand with royal icing on a practise board. Fewh!

Petit four II

After my first trial making petit four, I received an order of two sets of petit four. So I set myself the next day and make these. Both sets are mixes of chocolate and vanilla cakes frosted with poured marshmallow fondant.

The first set I made was with the multi-loops ribbon decoration.

The second set I just drizzled chocolate ganache on top and top-off with a roolled rose decoration. Only after finishing the second set I realized my rolled rose was too small. Sigh!

Petit four

I made these for my husband's collegue farewell party early this month. They are made from Vanilla Genoise sheet cake. Before I cut them into their petit size, I sandwiched the cake with raspberry jam and layered it with thin marzipan on top.

I made three different frosting. The white ones are frosted with poured marshmallow fondant. The brown ones are frosted with poured chocolate marshmallow fondant and the pink ones are frosted with strawberry flavoured white chocolate ganache.

For the letters and flower decorations I used ready-made rolled fondant.

From passion and to inspire...

Hi! I'm very excited to share my passion of baking and decorating with you.
I've putting it aside for quite sometime, but now for every baking and decorating projects and every opportunities I will try to post it.
Happy baking and decorating to me. Yeay!
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