Monday, March 28, 2011

Love Boat

Event: Wedding
Location: Lembah Keramat, Kuala Lumpur

Love Boat: Carved chocolate fudgy cake with chocolate ganache covered with ready-to-roll vanilla fondant icing.

It was fun making this cake and I have to resist the temptation to eat all the leftover after carving it 'cos it was really yummy with the chocolate ganache and chocolate cream filling, or else it would all go straight to my thigh... huhuhu

It says Nippon Maru

When Fuji Maru meets Nippon Maru!

It says Fuji Maru.

Happy bless wedding to the cute couple! 
You know who you are and thank you! :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Truly Yours...

Event: Birthday
Location: Nilai, Seremban

A bouquet of red roses call forth a moment to be treasured.

Happy birthday Hazlin!

Buttercream Affair II

Event: Wedding Reception
Location: Kuala Lumpur

Three-tier vanilla butter cake with vanilla buttercream.
Simple piped borders top and bottom, simple handmade roses and a few of cut-out fondant as a small bit of detail to mirror the serene, simple and sweetness of the celebration.

Best wishes and may the newly wed have a bless life together!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wrapped in Romance

Event: Wedding reception.
Location: Kuala Lumpur

Three-tier semolina cakes 
with lemon praline filling and vanilla fondant icing.
A contrast colour of the roses lends a regal accompaniment to the celebration.

Best wishes and may the newly wed be bless till hereafter!

Cake Decorating: Refreshed Courses

In this post, I just want to share with 
everyone the cakes and flowers we did during the WMI Seminar last month.

So, for the Basic Decorating we all did the cupcake cake. 
Yes... bye-bye to rainbow! Sigh... I love the rainbow... but I love the new design too!

My cake I gave it away to my Mum's friend.

Other designs that you can make 
after graduating from this course are as the picture shown below:

Exciting decorations! Notice the new ribbon roses?!...

For the Flowers and Cake Design and 
Gum Paste and Fondant we only did one cake during the seminar. 
So, what happen was all the flowers we did we tried to fit each on the cake... but I did not manage to put it all on my cake. 

Later if you may notice, 
my carnation, daffodils, rose buds, violets, 
apple blossoms, pansies and maybe a couple more are missing... hehe!

For the side designs, I divide the round dummy into four sections...
so each section have different design.

Notice the new ribbon?!... 
Top view

Showing the different sides...

Close-up look at some of the flowers I did....


Wilton's Frangipani

Calla Lily

Piped Lily.. love the new stamens!

Other designs you can make after graduating from 
the Flowers and Cake Design Course are as in the picture shown below:

Notice the gum paste pansies?!...

Last but not least, other designs you can make after graduating from 
the Gum Paste and Fondant Course are as in the picture shown below:

Exciting ribbons and new calla lily introduced!

Hope you all enjoy the pictures... exciting isn't it?!

If you are interested to join the class 
go to your nearest Wilton authorised distributor and ask for the refreshed courses now!

Thanks for your time again for reading my posts!

Have a good day!

WMI Seminar

Event: Wilton Method Instructor (WMI) Seminar : 
          Wilton Refreshed Curriculum 
Location: ICCA Kota Damansara
Date: 25th - 28th February 2011

So, recently I went for the seminar and it was exciting 
because besides getting new sets of tools I get to know some of my senior colleagues 
and for some it was like a small reunion.

Anyway, the seminar was held to introduce to us, 
the instructors, to the new Wilton refreshed curriculum. One of the special features introduced is the international lesson plans.

Just click the link I provided below 
each of the lesson plan images for more information.

Decorating Basics

Gum Paste & Fondant

Flowers & Cake Design

Many of the skills taught in the legacy courses still are there!  
They’re just re-sequenced to better fit the needs of today’s students. 
 The refreshed curriculum’s pacing is more even, allowing time for interaction and coaching from the Instructor as well as with peers in the class.

For more overview of the Wilton Method Courses just click this link.

Well don't wait in front of your computers, go now to the nearest authorised distributors and ask for the refreshed Wilton Method Courses!

Oh and thanks for your time reading my posts.

Have a good day everyone!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Buttercream Affair I

Location: Kuala Lumpur

Baby pink and apple green small roses harvest bountiful wedding day memories... 
May the couples wed be bless till hereafter.

Happy Birthday Mak!

Dear Mak

I love you and want you to know...
I think of you often wherever I go...
 In times both good and bad...

For the things you taught are with me in happy times and sad...

On your birthday I wish you joy...
May all your good times multiply... and happiness abound...

What you've given to me I can never repay,
Thank you, Mak, happy birthday!

Mak with Adneen!

Mak cutting her birthday cake...

Made with love...

My own version of red velvet...

Actually my mum's birthday is in December, so this picture was taken last year... 
well in my opinion it is never to late to post... heeee

Anyway thanks to Abg. Ngah for sponsoring the dinner at PJ Hilton... we had fun that night!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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