Saturday, May 22, 2010

Anemone Wedding Cake

 I made this wedding cake for a couple that I have never met through the bride's sister, Kak Gee. Kak Gee is really the bestest sister one could have. She is so sweet and very very generous and kind person! 

I was suppose to have a meeting with  the bride but it got cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances. So we try to communicate through a few sms and a couple of phone calls but still it was quite hard for me to come up with a design since I have not much idea what-so-ever about the bride and the groom likes and dislikes. The sms and the phone calls we talked more about the pricing and delivery. My schedule during late April was very tight and I kept on forgetting to call them and ask for more info. I was told specifically that they wanted it to be pink in colour and that was only it!  

Later, I decided to go for a simple but yet elegant looking wedding cake for their early May wedding reception. So why not I said to myself, the famous anemone cake inspired by Confetti Cakes!


 I added the red roses as to make my own mark on the cake, something different from the original design by Confetti Cakes. I like the bright red color of the roses. In my opinion, it gives contrast and highlight the cake more.

More pictures below and some close-ups! an angle from the side-top...

A close-up of my white anemone flower.

I used black colored royal icing for the piping details.

The cake was on top of my side cabinet. I don't know if you could notice, but in the picture above you can actually see my youngest daughter's back, she was standing in the background. 

The normal take!

A close-up on the roses.
Alhamdulillah! The newly wed couple love it! What a relieve!
Hope everyone else enjoyed the cake too.

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