Friday, April 9, 2010

A turqoise wedding cake... or not so turqoise?!

 The two tier wedding cake I made for Zulfakri's brother's wedding early last month in Kuala Terengganu.

Look at the stunning pelamin! Owh.. and my cake is next to it. The only missing is the bride and the groom... where were they? It was my husband who took this picture. I was busy outside with my two daughters.

Fives big white roses made out of sugarpaste mix with CMC. I was out of gumpaste at that time so sugarpaste mix with CMC was good enough for me.

I dusted the roses with edible pearl dust to make it more attractive, shimmering looking or else it would be just plain white.

Rich chocolate butter cake, five inches height for the top tier and classic white butter cake, three inches height for the bottom tier. Iced with vanilla butter cream underneath the fondant.

A close up look!
Oh, how I wish I could do a wedding cake every week.

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