Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Princess Cupcakes

These are my Vanilla Vanilla Cupcakes, home-baked butter cupcakes frosted with home-made vanilla swiss buttercream. Yummy!

I made these for a friend's daughter who turned 6.

Happy belated birthday little Princess Oni! I hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Spidey Cupcakes

Yet another character, Spiderman!

The toppers were handmade by myself using sugar paste. Then I piped chocolate ganache to make the web effect on the iced cupcakes.

Yes, I love to make these characters. Lots of other people love them too.

Hello Kitty

Another cartoon character! Kids love their cartoon characters and cupcakes altogether, don't they?!

Spongebob Cupcake

My daughter love to watch Spongebob Squarepants. But who does not? So, I made a few cupcakes with the character as topper.

Thomas and friends cuppies

These were made a few months back. I think it was in March this year.

Thirty-six altogether, mixes of chocolate cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes covered with rolled fondant. All decorations were made using rolled fondant too. The trains were made using Wilton's chocolate mould.

Garfield & Friends Cuppies

I made these a few months back. I could not remember exactly when. Anyway, I would like to thank Kak TJ for ordering it from me. It was for her daughter's birthday. I remembered that it was short-noticed, so I only had about one day to make the cuppies before pick-up time.

The cuppies were mixes of vanilla cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes. Before designing the cartoon faces, I brushed a layer of apricot glaze on the cupcakes. Then I covered them with poured fondant for a smooth surface. The details were made from rolled fondant and edible ink.

I did not sleep the whole night because I was too excited and I was afraid I would not finish it in time if otherwise. Anyway, it was really great and really fun making those Garfield faces and his friends. Mostly, I got the inspiration from Bakerella. Thanks Bakerella for your great posts!

Chocolate Chocolate Mousse Cake

My husband's colleague ordered this cake.
Everything chocolate! The cake is 9" chocolate cake layered with vanilla buttercream and chocolate mousse filling and covered with dark chocolate ganache and decorated with chocolate cream, chocolate beans and chocolate rice.

If you love chocolate cake with chocolate mousse this cake is for you.

A Buttercream Cake

I made this cake early last June, in the school holidays.

In Malaysia, school holidays are the wedding seasons. Trust me, almost every day during the school holidays there will be weddings everywhere around Malaysia.

This time around, I use buttercream to cover the cake. Inside it is a chocolate layered cakes with strawberry jam filling. On top I decorated the cake with royal icing Victorian roses, Wilton method.

My customer pick out this design from the book, Decorating Cakes by the Wilton School. It was great and fun to have made this cake.

Alin & Amir, 7 June 2009


Alin and Amir posing while cutting their wedding cake.

With ivory-brown colour theme in mind, I made these four tiered wedding cake for them.
I baked the chocolate fudge cakes three days before their wedding and decorated them with vanilla flavoured rolled fondant and piped royal icing dots all around the cakes. The brooch on the ribbon are also made from fondant and decorated with gold coloured sugar dragerees and royal icing. To finish the look, I added the silk brown large open roses.

I got my inspiration from the book Couture Wedding Cakes by Mich Turner.

Alin's Kek Hantaran

Early last June, I made these cakes for Alin's wedding for her hantaran.

Altogether twelve mini fruit cakes and 6" square fruit cake decorated with rolled fondant and white and chocolate royal icing victorian roses.

The cakes were presented inside the decorated wedding hantaran box.

Apis & Jun, 6 June 2009

First of all, congratulations to Apis and Jun!

For their wedding, I made them a three tiered wedding cake with gold and yellow colour theme and stacked roses in between. On top of the cake I added two beautiful white pigeons to symbolised them as the romantic couple of the day.

The cake was presented right at the center of attention, in front of the main wedding banquet table.

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