Saturday, May 29, 2010

Princess Cupcakes II

Happy 10th birthday to Farah Sofea from Kerteh!

A set of 16 cupcakes with princess theme just for her, requested by her sweet mother, Kak Yati.

Here are the pictures!

Top view?!

These cupcakes were made from my chocolate butter cake recipe with chocolate & hazelnut Italian buttercream as the icing.

Front view?!

Different angle?!

...a close-up!
 Very simple cute little princesses to complete the theme...maybe you don't notice it but opss... one is bigger that the other! hehehe... so lazy to cut out a template! I simply cut their dresses with a small scissors free-handed.

...cute little castles!
Besides showing off my photography skills I want to show a close-up on the little castle. The roof part is made out of modeling chocolate...nyummie!! I used little mini marshmallows wrapped up with ready-to-rolled fondant to make the castle. My favorite part is the little flag that goes on top of each little castle!

..the crowns...

There are marshmallows inside the little purple pillows as well...hehehe... coz I don't want the toppers to be heavy and squish the cupcakes, do I?!

I hope Farah likes my design that I made just for her and enjoy the cupcakes as well!

Do you like it? Please, feel free to give your comment(s)! 
Thank you!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Spongebob & Patrick I

Who lives in the pineapple under the sea?...  Spongebob-squarepants! la la la la  la la la la...

Here are the pictures of Spongebob & Patrick cake I made for a boy just turned 7, Faris. Thanks to Kak Wafra, the boy's mother, who ordered it.

...messing around with the camera trying out different lighting!

Can you find something odd in this picture?! hehehe...

Love the lettering!

Spongebob: "Yeay!"

Simple... I like!

Chocolate sponge cake with strawberry mousse filling and vanilla swiss buttercream icing. Nyummmieee!!!

Well, I hope the birthday boy and his family also like it and enjoy it!

 Thanks for dropping by and read my post! If you like, please leave your comment(s) and come again for more. Thanks again!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Mother's Day !

 I hope it is not too late to post this... (at least father's day isn't here yet!..hehehe...). Everyday should be mother's day by the way, don't you think?!

For my dearest mother, I'm forever grateful for everything you did for me! 
I love you!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
To all mothers and mothers-to-be... I wish you all Happy Mother's Day too!

"Happy Mother's Day means more than cakes, flowers and gifts...
It means saying thank you... It means I love you..."

Happy Mother's Day!
Thanks to Kak Jun from ECRO, who ordered this chocolate fudge cake for the Mother's day which fall on the 9th of May this year. Hope you and your family enjoyed the cake!

Chocolate fudge cake.
  My chocolate fudge cake... with nibs of almond all-over, at the sides!

A close-up.    
 My handmade Forever Friends fondant topper!
 I'm crazy about Forever Friends. Don't you love them! They are so cute!

Love the red roses!
I bought a new silicone rose mould last month, in fact it is my first one. So, I tested my new silicone rose mould and I'm loving it! The roses were perfect!

Close-up on the white fondant ribbon.
 A ribbon goes perfectly well with all gifts including cakes!!!

Thanks for reading my post! Please come by and visit again!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Anemone Wedding Cake

 I made this wedding cake for a couple that I have never met through the bride's sister, Kak Gee. Kak Gee is really the bestest sister one could have. She is so sweet and very very generous and kind person! 

I was suppose to have a meeting with  the bride but it got cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances. So we try to communicate through a few sms and a couple of phone calls but still it was quite hard for me to come up with a design since I have not much idea what-so-ever about the bride and the groom likes and dislikes. The sms and the phone calls we talked more about the pricing and delivery. My schedule during late April was very tight and I kept on forgetting to call them and ask for more info. I was told specifically that they wanted it to be pink in colour and that was only it!  

Later, I decided to go for a simple but yet elegant looking wedding cake for their early May wedding reception. So why not I said to myself, the famous anemone cake inspired by Confetti Cakes!


 I added the red roses as to make my own mark on the cake, something different from the original design by Confetti Cakes. I like the bright red color of the roses. In my opinion, it gives contrast and highlight the cake more.

More pictures below and some close-ups! an angle from the side-top...

A close-up of my white anemone flower.

I used black colored royal icing for the piping details.

The cake was on top of my side cabinet. I don't know if you could notice, but in the picture above you can actually see my youngest daughter's back, she was standing in the background. 

The normal take!

A close-up on the roses.
Alhamdulillah! The newly wed couple love it! What a relieve!
Hope everyone else enjoyed the cake too.

Say it with bears!

 It was a girl's birthday bash at her school. I thought I want to wish the girl happy birthday with bears! The lucky girl turned five has a very beautiful name, Farisya Sofiya, who look just like her pretty mother, who happens to be my senior back at my high school.

These cupcakes are for teachers and friends at her islamic afternoon pre-school. Why I said afternoon? Yeah, that's because she also goes to a morning school, a secular Mandarin medium pre-school. Education these days seems never enough at just one school, huh? We parents would love to expose our kids as much as possible so that they grew up being more open-minded and wise! I thought myself, maybe I should send my eldest daughter, Adneen to the same schools as Qistina next year, if I'm still around here in Kerteh.

Anyway, here are the pictures long over-due. More below...

One out of the two sets I made...

Girl bear, boy bear, small blossoms, rolled roses and blue birds flying...

... trying to be creative with an angle...

A couple! Ahaks!

...the same couple?? hehehe... little blue birdie...

Red bowties... cute huh!

Another me little blue birdie...

See me birdie fly??

A Dinosaur Birthday!

Any big birthday bash would not be perfect without a big cake to cut, right!?

Along the dinosaurs cupcakes, I made this cake for the birthday boy, Nabil, too. I tried and did cartoon-like dinosaurs to match the cupcakes. I wanted it to be cute and not looking like the real dinosaurs. As for the cake, I wanted to try something different, so I made two layers of chocolate moist cake and vanilla butter cake in between with chocolate ganache filling and vanilla buttercream icing.

All the dinosaurs were made from chocolate paste and covered with colored ready-to-rolled white vanilla fondant. The volcano was made from hand-molded chocolate moist cake and covered with chocolate paste and the lava was r.t.r fondant.

 A close-up look on the very simple volcano! hehehe...

 Supposed to be cartoon-like Stegosaurus...

 A cartoon like Triceratops... hehehe...

 The famous Rex... I said must be in red because he is carnivore!!!

Last but not least... the famous Loch Ness monster... heh!

Before assembling them on the cake... owh, I miss them!

The birthday boy cutting his cake, or was it the mommy and auntie cutting?! I can't really tell.

I hope that look is a satisfied and happy look dear boy!

Can't wait to cut his cake i guess!? Hehehe... nyummie!

All in all really it was a great birthday party with lots of people!!! Nabil is sure a lucky boy indeed! Hope everyone enjoyed the cake!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Cute Dinosaurs Cupcakes

It's a boy's birthday! A five year old boy, Nabil.

This time I got to do a dinosaurs theme cupcakes, of course requested by Nabil's mother, Nora. Knowing that the birthday boy is turning 5, I quickly decided to make a cute cut-out dinosaurs cupcakes. As if it is a must, a colorful design too.

Nabil is sure one lucky boy to have his really sweet mother, Nora, to go all out to prepare really great birthday bash for him! I was told by his mum that he really adore dinosaurs. He would try to have everything with dinosaurs theme; the bed sheets, pyjamas, notebooks, pencils and etc. Maybe dinosaurs theme birthday every year too?? Hehehe...

Below is one of the two sets of dinosaurs cupcakes I made for him.

In case some of you don't know the dinosaurs' names (I didn't know too - I asked my husband); the blue ones are called Tyrannosaurus Rex - a meat eater or carnivore, the orange ones are called Triceratops, the purple ones are Stegosaurus and the green ones are Brontosaurus - all these three kinds are herbivore.

A cycad tree (always mistaken for palm or fern but actually is a conifer tree) and dinosaurs foot prints added a variety for the theme.

A little bit close-up of the cute dinosaurs.

Purple Stegosaurus

Green Brontosaurus

Orange Triceratops

Blue Tyrannosaurus Rex
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