Thursday, June 17, 2010

Purple Tea Time Cupcakes

Here are the pictures of the other set that I made for Farah Sofea, 10 year old sweet girl for her farewell party at her school.

I can't decide to what tittle to give to this post either... hehehe..  purple tea time cupcakes just have to do it!

Enjoy the pictures!

Thanks Kak Yati! Soon I will follow you too... will be moving back to KL as well! 
Hehehe.. so you still can order from me, insyaAllah!

Green Garden Cupcakes

Not so sure what tittle to give to this post. 
Green garden cupcakes?!  That would do lah... coz I don't want to waste more time being so indesicive! Hehehe...

Thanks to Kak Yati for this order! Alhamdulillah! These cupcakes were for her daughter's farewell party at her school because she was soon to follow her mom move back to KL. 

I was told that green and purple is Farah Sofea's two favourite colours. (Yeah, that is the little girls's name which apparently I had forgotten to include in the design! Sorry Kak Yati hehehe...). So I made for her two sets as requested, one in green and another in purple! Click Purple Tea Time Cupcakes to see the pictures of the other set that I made for her.
Here are the pictures. Enjoy!

So, what do you think?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sweet Pink Mini Roses - Mini Cupcakes

Thank you very much to Shuhada and her lovely mum for this order. 
I feel humble and forever grateful for a returning customer! Thank you! Alhamdulillah!

This time around, Shuhada ordered on behalf of her cousin, for her wedding far away in Penang!
Mini cupcakes with simple lovely sweet pink roses design was requested.

Wallaa... enjoy the pictures!

Romantic Lily - A set of mini tiered cake and cupcakes

I love making royal icing flowers. Once dried, easier to handle and last longer than gum-paste flowers, in my opinion. My kids and I also love to eat them. 

I love making this set for Murni. White and green are the colours requested. Royal icing frosted vanilla butter cupcakes and top-off with piped royal icing flowers. For the mini tiered cake, I made it from vanilla butter cake, iced it with vanilla buttercream and covered it with white vanilla fondant. 
Since it was quite a short notice when I received this order, so I made the couple of butterflies with white vanilla ready-to-roll fondant. I painted and drew the details on their bodies with edible colour paste and edible pens to make them look pretty.

So here are the pictures. Enjoy!

Pretty set!

I love taking pictures with an angle..

Looking green & bright!

A close-up on the cupcakes... see the lily?

Under the moonlight.. or rather an uplighter?!

The mini tiered cake...

Close-up on my lilies... oh I love them!

Mia butterfly... male or female? You pick!

The alter-ego... 
if the first one you pick it as a male...
than this must be a female and vice-versa... hehehe!

Can you spot the difference between the two butterflies?

The butterflies courting each other... hehehe!

Thanks for reading... do please come again!

White & Green Wedding

Congratulations to Azan & Murni on getting hitched. 
May Allah bless your marriage and may both of you live together happily till forever-after, insyaAllah!

 I did my best to follow through with a tight budget and the short notice. Alhamdulillah! 

Here are the pictures of the two-tier wedding cake I made for Murni. 
Simple, white and green as requested. Enjoy!

A & M

A little close-up...

A little bit more close-up...  my open fantasy rose.

From the top.

These aren't edible.

At the location.

A bit of an angle...

Azan & Murni

with the pelamin as the background...

zoomed out... hehehe

Thank you very much to Murni & Kak Wie, the bride's elder sister, for the order, a set of hantaran and two-tier wedding cake, and thank you too for inviting us (my family and I) to the wedding. Alhamdulillah!

  If you wish, please continue reading the next post for the set of  hantaran I made for Murni. Thank you!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bowling Theme Cake

Made this cake for Lisa's husband birthday. 
Thanks to Lisa for the order. 
Hope both of you enjoy the cake and had a great celebration together!

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