Friday, April 20, 2012

Hello hello!

It is funny that my last post was tittled "Happy Holidays" and I've kept quiet since. Nope.. I didn't go for any holiday, long or short.. maybe some of you have thought that but actually I was quite busy with so many things (don't need to mention it here..) that when I did eventually have a day or two for a break, I'm too tired and lazy to post anything.

Okay I'm happy to say that I've updated my chat box. I'm using Chatwing now.. thanks to Sam from Chatwing who emailed me! Yeah decided to try out yours, Sam... I'm way to lazy to browse others anyway.

Okay a mental note.. need to use less of the word "L.A.Z.Y" ... sigh!

Tune in because I will update more with new pictures.

Thanks and roger out!

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