Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Romantic Lily - A set of mini tiered cake and cupcakes

I love making royal icing flowers. Once dried, easier to handle and last longer than gum-paste flowers, in my opinion. My kids and I also love to eat them. 

I love making this set for Murni. White and green are the colours requested. Royal icing frosted vanilla butter cupcakes and top-off with piped royal icing flowers. For the mini tiered cake, I made it from vanilla butter cake, iced it with vanilla buttercream and covered it with white vanilla fondant. 
Since it was quite a short notice when I received this order, so I made the couple of butterflies with white vanilla ready-to-roll fondant. I painted and drew the details on their bodies with edible colour paste and edible pens to make them look pretty.

So here are the pictures. Enjoy!

Pretty set!

I love taking pictures with an angle..

Looking green & bright!

A close-up on the cupcakes... see the lily?

Under the moonlight.. or rather an uplighter?!

The mini tiered cake...

Close-up on my lilies... oh I love them!

Mia butterfly... male or female? You pick!

The alter-ego... 
if the first one you pick it as a male...
than this must be a female and vice-versa... hehehe!

Can you spot the difference between the two butterflies?

The butterflies courting each other... hehehe!

Thanks for reading... do please come again!

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