Saturday, August 14, 2010

Celtics Cupcakes

Oh basketball theme! My husband love basketball ! He play basketball... eat basketball...  sleep basketball! Hehehe... don't get me wrong! I love basketball too! I used to play basketball every time I had the chance to play when I was in junior high school... before the accident happened. I accidentally fell and fractured my backbone! Oh but I'm still lucky because I could have been paralyzed but I didn't. It took three years before I was fully recovered. By then I was already in MRSM... and no girls play basketball! Huhuhu... 

So anyway, this order came from Abby for her husband. Isn't that sweet! 
What?! Oh no...  oh no... these cupcakes wasn't for my husband... he's Cavelier fan! Hehehe...

These are Marble butter-cupcakes with vanilla french buttercream. 
Enjoy my pictures y'all!

Wonder why I choosed the numbers? Okay okay... 5 is for Garnett, 9 is for Rondo, 20 is for Allen and 34 is for Pierce. Well I don't know at first... but my husband told me. They are the star players of Celtics. If  I'm wrong please don't get angry with me... get angry at my husband! Heh...

 Okay, thanks for stopping by y'all!


  1. betul zaid cakap tu hehe.. tapi celtic kalah tahun ni, lakers rules. no 24 lakers ! ( peminat lakers nih :p ) nanti leh tempah cuppies lakers ngan naim

  2. betul la tu star players boston celtic. saya tak suka pierce huhu..kalah celtic tahun ni, lakers rules.. ( peminat lakers nih :p ) nanti leh tempah cuppies lakers with no 24, no 2 dgn naim.
    dah start baking ke in kl ?

  3. hehehe... boleh boleh.. baking kat kl? bebila boleh insyaAllah!


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