Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Dinosaur Birthday!

Any big birthday bash would not be perfect without a big cake to cut, right!?

Along the dinosaurs cupcakes, I made this cake for the birthday boy, Nabil, too. I tried and did cartoon-like dinosaurs to match the cupcakes. I wanted it to be cute and not looking like the real dinosaurs. As for the cake, I wanted to try something different, so I made two layers of chocolate moist cake and vanilla butter cake in between with chocolate ganache filling and vanilla buttercream icing.

All the dinosaurs were made from chocolate paste and covered with colored ready-to-rolled white vanilla fondant. The volcano was made from hand-molded chocolate moist cake and covered with chocolate paste and the lava was r.t.r fondant.

 A close-up look on the very simple volcano! hehehe...

 Supposed to be cartoon-like Stegosaurus...

 A cartoon like Triceratops... hehehe...

 The famous Rex... I said must be in red because he is carnivore!!!

Last but not least... the famous Loch Ness monster... heh!

Before assembling them on the cake... owh, I miss them!

The birthday boy cutting his cake, or was it the mommy and auntie cutting?! I can't really tell.

I hope that look is a satisfied and happy look dear boy!

Can't wait to cut his cake i guess!? Hehehe... nyummie!

All in all really it was a great birthday party with lots of people!!! Nabil is sure a lucky boy indeed! Hope everyone enjoyed the cake!

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