Friday, May 21, 2010

Cute Dinosaurs Cupcakes

It's a boy's birthday! A five year old boy, Nabil.

This time I got to do a dinosaurs theme cupcakes, of course requested by Nabil's mother, Nora. Knowing that the birthday boy is turning 5, I quickly decided to make a cute cut-out dinosaurs cupcakes. As if it is a must, a colorful design too.

Nabil is sure one lucky boy to have his really sweet mother, Nora, to go all out to prepare really great birthday bash for him! I was told by his mum that he really adore dinosaurs. He would try to have everything with dinosaurs theme; the bed sheets, pyjamas, notebooks, pencils and etc. Maybe dinosaurs theme birthday every year too?? Hehehe...

Below is one of the two sets of dinosaurs cupcakes I made for him.

In case some of you don't know the dinosaurs' names (I didn't know too - I asked my husband); the blue ones are called Tyrannosaurus Rex - a meat eater or carnivore, the orange ones are called Triceratops, the purple ones are Stegosaurus and the green ones are Brontosaurus - all these three kinds are herbivore.

A cycad tree (always mistaken for palm or fern but actually is a conifer tree) and dinosaurs foot prints added a variety for the theme.

A little bit close-up of the cute dinosaurs.

Purple Stegosaurus

Green Brontosaurus

Orange Triceratops

Blue Tyrannosaurus Rex


  1. Once these dinosaurs roamed No.16...hehe, love the cupcakes...very3 cute dinos...

  2. hi - just wondering if you are still in the baking business - as I do not see any updates after 2012.. I am planning to order these dino cuppies for my boy's birthday.


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