Friday, April 9, 2010

Looney Tunes Cupcakes

 Ordered by Kak Radin from Dungun. She said she wanted a set of cupcakes for her daughter and son for the weekend and free design. Yeay! I love to hear that... free design! Meaning it's up to me to design the cupcakes. But... she did mention she wanted cartoon characters if possible. What a good opportunity... I always wanted to make Looney Tunes characters ever since I bought the book Cartoon Cakes by Debbie Brown last year, but never had the chance. So, below are the pictures.
hei.. where's my body gone? I can't stand pain, it hurts me!

I tawt I taw a puddy tat!

^@#?! - +&*!

Suffering succotash!

Hiya! What's up doc!
 I didn't do the whole body because my cupcake box is only 3 inches height. The box lid would not be able to close if I have done complete body of the cartoon characters. Except for Tweety though, because it is so small! 

Maybe, after this I would do a Looney Tunes cake! So , stay tune and  thanks for your time reading my posts!


  1. Nicely done cartoon characters! Go minitures!

  2. Hi! great work! Were the characters made out of fondant?

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