Sunday, April 11, 2010

Castle Cake

...before touching-up!

A castle cake ordered by Kak Na from Kerteh, Terengganu for Sarah, her little daughter's 5th year birthday party.

The castle main entrance.

Made out of vanilla and strawberry moist sponge cake, filled with strawberry jam and strawberry mousse then iced with vanilla butter cream. damsel in distress??!
Just before the birthday party started, which by that time I was already in KL, Kak Na called and told me that the two big towers had fallen down. I thought,  the hot weather that day was not kind to my butter cream plus the towers was filled with strawberry mousse filling and the mousse must have gotten softer than what I had expected.  

I'm really sorry Kak Na for what had happened. I was really upset about it and I could not do anything since I was in KL but, Kak Na was very kind to me. Next time I make a cake like this I'll make sure I ask my customer and remind them to keep the cake in the refrigerator. So Kak Na... Sarah's next birthday cake would be on me, okay!

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