Monday, April 5, 2010

A Romantic Red & Blue Wedding Cake

With so many pictures to update into my blog I don't know which I should post first. Hahaha... my husband said quote un quote "..serves you right for not updating it for so long...". Well I couldn't agree more with him! I think I'll post the pictures randomly or maybe by event or by date...arrghh... I'm so indecisive! Maybe some of the pictures you might have seen it in my facebook but I'll post it here anyway. There are other trillions of people on the net that has not seen my work yet, right?! 

So without further a due, here goes... (yes, just a second ago I have decided that I'm going to post the pictures randomly, which ever folder that I come across first...huhuhu...) 

... and the first is... (drum-roll...)... 

A wedding cake inspired by Peggy Porschen from her book Romantic Cakes. Yeay! Hehehe... I love this cake very much because it was really simple but very romantic, the outcome really exceeded my own expectations.

Romantic Red & Blue Roses Wedding Cake.
I was not very sure of the colour when I was  making the blue and the red roses (..yes, the original design by Peggy Porschen was in purple, red and pink) but I just went ahead because the colours are bright and bold and not dull, thinking with the background is going to be white, I hope it will be good. I don't have other choices anyway since my customer requested specifically for red and blue. I'm very glad that I did not talk them into other designs.

...a close up!
I started making the roses two weeks in advance. I really enjoy making them. These roses are pretty much simple and easy to make, it just need to be dried carefully and properly so that the petals open and bloom. I did not use any edible colour dust or edible pearl dust on them because I love the bold colour and I think the roses should be okay without it. 

From the top view.
The two lady birds on top was just something extra. My husband said it would kill the elegant look... but I don't care. The lady birds supposedly were for another order, but I enjoyed  too much making them I made so many extra. I thought to keep them and not use it on cakes would be a waste so why not... hehehe! 

From the front view.
The swirl cake separator was also specifically requested by my customer. To enhance the overall look... yes, to make it look taller... yes, to add height to the cake... okay, okay, I know you get it. 

...artis at work!
Before I forget, credits also goes to my husband for the beautiful pictures. Actually, I don't like photographs being taken while I'm working... it really distract me a lot... and it makes me feel nervous... like something bad is going to happen to the cake! But, I love this photo...yeah, artis at work! Hahaha! ...and the background is how my workspace looks like... yes, I guess you have to zoom in to look at it! Hehehe... the location of event!
Many best wishes and congratulations to Syuhada and her husband, may both of you live a happy fulfilling married life together till ever after. I was never properly introduce to her husband so I don't actually know his name. One day when I bump into her again at Mesra Mall I'll ask for a proper introduction... or maybe I 'll just ask for his name.

... zooming in!

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