Friday, April 9, 2010

My Tiffany Box

A lovely presentation!
I made this tiffany box last month for... yes, you can go ahead and guess.

...a close up!
It's for Syuhada's hantaran kahwin. She wanted to present her wedding ring with sugar style! Love her idea! 

Blue Tiffany Box
Everything is made from ready-to-roll fondant icing mixed with some CMC so it'll hardened once it dries up.

... the wedding ring!

 I could not just make an empty box, could I?! For the ring holder, I made a small pillow from cotton and some satin cloth and ribbon. So, to put a ring in place on the pillow you just need to slide in the ribbon through the ring and twist it a little to hold the ring uptight. 

..another option of presentation

Actually the ring you see in the pictures is my ring. I just wanted to test and see whether it works or not. 

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