Friday, April 9, 2010

Bugs & Bees Cupcakes

I was very excited when a customer ordered this cupcakes! I always wanted to make lady bugs and bees with sugar paste but never had a chance to until I have this order.

Happy Birthday to Wazif!

 Thanks Syara for your order. I enjoy making them and hope your son and his friends like it and enjoy them!

Lady bug...a close up!
 The cupcakes were made from rich chocolate moist cake recipe and top-off with simple vanilla buttercream, coloured in green.

Bee... a close up!
 I made the small bushes and cut flowers from sugar paste or ready-to-roll fondant.

Bunch of bees and bugs on board!
Owh.. I miss them very much! Maybe I'll make them some more next weekend but this time just for my own kids!

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