Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweet & Romantic Mini cakes the location of the event!
Since I already post about the red and blue romantic wedding cake that I made for Syuhada's wedding, I should make a follow-up post about the mini cakes I made for her as well for her 'hantaran kahwin'.

... amongst other hantaran!
The wedding theme was white and blue. Yes, as you can see in the pictures... the lovely hantaran! Wish that I could post the picture of each hantaran, but this two are the only ones that I have.

Sweet & Romantic Mini Cakes.
A total of six mini cakes I made out from my rich chocolate sheet cake recipe, brushed with vanilla sugar syrup and iced with plain buttercream icing before I cover it up with vanilla white ready-to-roll fondant icing. On top each of the mini cakes, I put a rose bud, a small half-open rose, four violet blossoms, a few rose leaves, a lady bug and a bee. The large blue roses were just there for photograph purposes only. It's for the wedding cake actually but I was thinking it looks nice on the plate in between the mini cakes.

From the front view.

I really like the bees and the lady birds... they are so cute and I enjoy making them and so I make a lot of them. Actually, the bees and the lady birds were meant for another order... coming up soon Bee & Lady Bird Cupcakes. bees & lady birds!
Anyway, I thought it would be okay if I put the extra bees and the extra lady birds on Syuhada's mini cakes. It's to make up for me not having able to make the design like the original request from my customer. You see, they requested the design to be exactly like the one in Peggy Porschen book, Cake Chic... hmmm if i'm not mistaken. The one that have cage on top ... do you know? If not never mind...hehehe... Yeah, they want me to make the cage as well. Well, I did make the cage from royal icing exactly like the instruction from Peggy Porschen's book, the only thing is that I did not make it earlier... in advance so that the royal icing has time to set and dry. I thought I could just dry it up in the oven for a few seconds but to my horror I have read the instruction wrongly. Silly me!!! I told myself I knew it!! ...but I didn't listen to my better judgement!

..a little close-up!
So what I did... first, I tried to make the six cages that I need out of a mix of fondant and gumpaste and florist wires. It turn out okay but I was not satisfied with the look. I want it to look perfect but it was not. So I give up and I called my customer ( it was the bride's good friend who ordered the cake) including the bride-to-be (at that time) and told them I'm sorry and told them honestly the situation and they were great and very kind to me. Alhamdulillah...  they understand and they love the mini cakes as it is without the cage on top!

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