Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sweet Aster

Can't remember when I did this cake... probably in July.

I used Aster Wilton's edible gel colouring for the centre petals of the roses and the normal baby pink for the outer petals. Another thing I could remember about this cake was it was a last minute order... hence I did not have proper drying time for the flowers I made :(


Oh yes another thing about this cake is all three tiers are different kind/flavour of cakes; the bottom layer is my usual vanilla buttercake, middle tier is orange buttercake and the top most cake is moist steamed fruitcake.

Oh yeah... I know I shouldn't... it was very risky putting the heaviest cake of the three at the top but I have no choice because my customer was adamant about it.
Oh well...
and so I did it... but it wasn't an easy ride delivering it!
(yes.. apparently my memory of this cake came back afterall... heh :p)

Opss something came up got to go now, okay will be back to post some more.


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