Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Keep it simple

    Weddings every weekend it seems since June, except during Ramadhan. As usual four days notice for this wedding cake... not that I'm not busy enough that I accepted the order. I just want to keep a good relationship with a good client/friend... win-win situation right?! I hope so... good friends and a good client are hard to find. I always try my best to please everyone... ooh well, only those who knows me knows that! :p

This cake is the usual moist vanilla buttercake with vanilla buttercream. Yup! All my wedding cakes are all real cakes by default... nooo dummies.

So keeping it simple as requested with little here and there of fabric effects. Oh yes, I used faux flowers here. Love to make my own flowers but I don't have a choice here with little time to prepare. At the end of the day I have to make the look work and try my best to satisfy my customers. What did you say? Customers is always right?! OK

The set wasn't ready when my dear husband took this picture. Yeah we kind of early that day... can't remember now why. Anyway, I hope the newly-wed couple love this cake and live happily together and have a great future together.

Okay bye for now.. tata...

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