Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Love Knots

I just love the setting of the wedding hall where this wedding reception was held. It was so beautiful, owh stunning and creatively done! Sigh... unfortunately I could not share it here or else I would.

Love love loveee... this picture! 
Could have been one out from a fancy magazine! Hehehe...

A little close-up... :)

Hmmm... if I'm not wrong, all three tiers are my moist vanilla buttercake with vanilla buttercream.
This design is really simple to make. Plus baking and cooling time I took less than a day to finish it.

Okay now zoomed out!


  1. riben merah buleh makan tak? hihihi hai naim!!!

  2. hi yani! hehehe... riben tuh utk hiasan semata! :p


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