Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love is in the air!

This cake is very special because I made it for a 88 years old grandmother. 
I did not get to meet her, but I met her families. Wow... she is one lucky lady surrounded by many people and everyone, I believe, loves her very much! 
I wish and pray for her wellness and great happiness. 

Semoga umur dipanjangkan dengan penuh kerberkatanNya 
dan kebahagiaan hingga ke akhir nanti. 

Special occasions needs a special recipe, no?...Hehehe... 
Hence, this time I use my special recipe, Triple Lemon Cake.
Never made this for other people but just families n friends actually because the secret  ingredient is quite expensive and hard to get. But I love, love, love this cake because it is yummy and low in calorie as well because I don't use egg yolks. 

For the design, the cake is made of three tiers of different sizes 
of white heart shaped cakes binded together by a string of red ribbon. 
Each tier represent different generation in the family; e.g. grandmother, mother and daughter. The red ribbon of course represent the bond that binds them together. Then, each tier has its own special knot of ribbons at the side which represent the different stories that each generation has to tell. 

Last but not least, thanks Nik for your trust. 
Hope everyone enjoyed and love the cake!

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