Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Down the Memory Lane

These are some pictures of my flowers and cakes I made during the Squires Kitchen Professional Intensive Course in Cake Decorating Diploma held at International Centre of Cake Artistry (ICCA) Malaysia that I joined in 2009.

Looking back, I had lots and lots of fun though trying to keep up with the others with limited time that I had (... yeah, in case you did not notice early, it was an intensive course - everything was packed in just 5 days!!!)  to finish the flowers and cakes were a bit ( yeah... only teeny-small bit... hehehe) stressful. 

I remember I brought back my work home to finish and I did not sleep for two nights in a row... yeah, but I don't mind not sleeping that time, probably I did not feel sleepy at all... making the flowers kinda make you lost track of time and before you know it you missed your meal or it passed your bedtime! 

Well, enjoy the pictures.
Sorry if some of the pictures a bit blurry.

Journey KL - Kerteh: It survived!  

...can you see the extension work?

nah... close-up little bit here!



Sweet Pea

Ribbon work... "sewing" it was quite hard...

...my bride is bald!!! hahaha...
but I like what I did with the face though.

Brush embroidery technique there!

Everything is Royal Icing!

Frosting a cake with Royal Icing is tough!!

Thanks for your time reading my post. 
Thank you to all who keeps supporting Scrumptious-Crumbs.
You know who you are!
You keep us going.

Last but not least, thanks Rosalind for being a great teacher!

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