Sunday, July 11, 2010

Littlest Pet Cupcakes and Cake

 Have you heard Littlest Pet before? 
I love Littlest Pet because they are super cute!
Well if you haven't heard it before, I'll give you a brief introduction to Littlest Pet. 
Littlest Pet is a toy franchise owned by Hasbro produced in the early 1990's and an animated television series based on the franchise debuted in 1995. I'm not going to bore you with more detail of Littlest Pet, but if you love to know more just click here or go to the official site.

So anyway, I received this order from Kak Nor, Kerteh. 
She requested a set of 50 small cupcakes and a small birthday cake for her little princess, Damea Afisyah, birthday party at McDonald. Since Kak Nor made a free design order, after I had a few creative block finally I decided to make Littlest Pet theme for her daughter.

Here the pictures of them. Enjoy!

The first 25 cupcakes with my Littlest Pet 2D designs.

I tried to make each design look similar as possible.

Blue Birdie! Actually, each character doesn't have their own name.

Little Horsie!

Purple Birdie!

Little Tortoise!

Little Chameleon!

Birthday girl, Damea Afisyah!

Her birthday cake! Little Butterfly!

Celebrating Damea's 4th birthday!

Cupcakes lined up!

Grimace has arrived!

...and scared the birthday girl! Most of the kids there were scared of him! Hehehe... My youngest daughter quickly ran away after she saw Grimace. Poor Grimace, he was just trying to entertain the little kids.

Grimace, Kak Nor and her little princess, Damea Afisyah, who just turned 4!

Thank you for reading!

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