Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Buttercream Cake

I made this cake early last June, in the school holidays.

In Malaysia, school holidays are the wedding seasons. Trust me, almost every day during the school holidays there will be weddings everywhere around Malaysia.

This time around, I use buttercream to cover the cake. Inside it is a chocolate layered cakes with strawberry jam filling. On top I decorated the cake with royal icing Victorian roses, Wilton method.

My customer pick out this design from the book, Decorating Cakes by the Wilton School. It was great and fun to have made this cake.


  1. Lovely cake naimah! I resigned from my job abt a year ago and thought of asking you if you wanted it..tapi i heard fr someone that you tgh buat your masters. Well,tak payah pun takpe cause you've got sth better here :)

  2. Hi Suria! Oh I didn't know you quit. I put my masters on hold coz jauh from KL. I'm thinking about transfering my credit to UiTM if I want to continue next yearlah... Is your post still available? I love to consider for it (waiting too long for my hubby nak transfer) might as well work here. Anyway, thank you for your compliment. I love cooking n baking n cake decorating.


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