Monday, July 11, 2011

Pearly & Pinkish

Love love love roses... I was out of gum paste & just too lazy to make some on my own from scratch but lucky me cmc & fondant works but I bet if the weather becomes really humid the flowers surely will droop. Gum paste is always the best for making sugar flowers.

 It is not easy to get the sharp edges around the top part of the cake with the kind of weather we have in Malaysia. One can only try one's best. This the best one I got if compared to my other cakes I have done so far.

It is not easy either to stick the roses on the cake, especially at the sides... I pray really hard that my cake inside would not crumble while I pressed on really hard.

With the ribbons, covering imperfection at the bottom was easy. 
Glad and love to hear the newly wed couple love this cake I made for them.
If I'm not wrong it was three tier of my moist vanilla buttercake with vanilla buttercream, this time around I didn't add any filling in between the layers of cakes.

Oh and I really love the new veining mat I bought...was it Impression or SK? Couldn't remember it right now... but it really makes my roses looks real close up.

Cheers hope you all like my creations.
Thanks for dropping by.

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