Sunday, August 15, 2010

Golf Cupcakes

Do you ever wonder about the origins of golf? 
Well I did... quoted from Wikipedia , the origin of golf is unclear and is open for debate. 
Some said it originated from the Romans, some said it originated from the Chinese. It also could have been originated from the Persia or maybe Scotland. Well one thing I know for sure is I never play golf before, unless playing Mini Golf Castles by Digital Chocolate on my husband hand-phone is considered as playing golf... hehehe!

When I was a kid, my elder brother told me once g.o.l.f. stands for 'golongon orang lemah fikiran'... sorry no offence intended here but I used to believe him... hahaha! 
I know.. I know... to win a major golf championship isn't easy, any championship for that matter.   It took me half a dozen rounds of Mini Golf Castles before I master the controls and another half a dozen rounds of the same tournament before I scored the highest! If I would play golf for real it will take years to master skills needed! Heh.. but no thank you! I don't think I will ever play golf for real! But I do tempted to play crazy golf! Watched Mr Bean play crazy golf and it look much more fun than the normal golf course!

Opss long story... anyway back to my cupcakes y'all!
These cupcakes was ordered by Nora to surprise her beloved husband on his birthday.
Chocolate butter-cupcakes with basic buttercream.
Enjoy the pictures!

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