Thursday, June 17, 2010

Green Garden Cupcakes

Not so sure what tittle to give to this post. 
Green garden cupcakes?!  That would do lah... coz I don't want to waste more time being so indesicive! Hehehe...

Thanks to Kak Yati for this order! Alhamdulillah! These cupcakes were for her daughter's farewell party at her school because she was soon to follow her mom move back to KL. 

I was told that green and purple is Farah Sofea's two favourite colours. (Yeah, that is the little girls's name which apparently I had forgotten to include in the design! Sorry Kak Yati hehehe...). So I made for her two sets as requested, one in green and another in purple! Click Purple Tea Time Cupcakes to see the pictures of the other set that I made for her.
Here are the pictures. Enjoy!

So, what do you think?

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