Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Elyana & Khairul, 20 Nov. 2010

Alhamdulillah, and let all praises be to Allah!

Me so not glamour looking, are arranging some sugar roses on the cake.

It was a very lucky coincidence that I got the opportunity to commission this wedding cake.
I thank my dearest husband for his endless support and encouragement, my two daughters who always gave me the strength and courage, my mom for her endless prayers for me night and day, my parents-in-law who lend their hands when indeed needed, and friends who were there giving their trust and believing in me. Thank you to all who keeps coming back to my blog lending me your time.

I wonder what's in the box? oh it was not mine to open... huhuhu
After finish assembling... feuh!
Guess how many feet tall the cake is?

A closer shoot

Elyana's families at the background

The moment... oh gorgeous bride n groom!

The morning before delivery

A little close-up

Simple Pulut Kuning

Elyana & Khairul cutting the pulut kuning
I wish them both all the best wishes, may both of them have a bless and happy life together till the ever-after! Amin!

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